People have this annoying habit of blaming their past for their present.Often times, they use this to justify bad behaviors.Its a cliche, a very ugly one.It really gets in the way of doing good.You want to avenge for things that are in the past

Your neighbor and  some kid bullied you,we get it but you now 23.That should not be a factor.Your dad was never around,  but you survived it.Some did not are still dealing with worst problems.

I come across very old guys who are still lashing out at every thing.I am not exempting myself though! get over it dude, chic.No one’s past is perfect and the world will never be a bed of roses.So when you got out of a bad relationship and he/she made you feel like trash.It is not fine but it should not bother with people around you.Deal with it like an adult.

Honestly, its tiring to hear you whining,complaining and get angry over petty issues.Your history should not matter, if you think it sabotaged your life, then its you who is standing between your future and past.

Blaming your parents is  a big problem,if you think they deserve anger,resentment ,then my friend you are lost , it adds no positive value to your life.You will turn 40, someone’s parent and still holding that stupid grudge and bitterness.

You need  a reality check,the habit of blaming your folks could be the reason you never grow in life.The baby inside you could be the destructive spirit,a huge factor in your bad decisions.

If your parents did not teach you anything good and positive, then let life teach you.In one way or another you will make changes and generations  to come.

So. My friend get over it!


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