A typical girls night out
  • When it comes to our love lives, our friends are our biggest supporters. They celebrate with us when we rock a first date, cry with us when a guy breaks our heart and take our side when the guy we like acts like a total jerk.

  • That’s why we don’t expect our friends to be the ones getting in the way of us finding that perfect guy. If your dating life is currently loveless, your girlfriends just might be the culprits! They may be the ones ruining your chances of having a good relationship.

  • Sometimes, we all need to go out drinking with our friends in school, especially in F2,but the problem is that when you hit up the place with all 12 of your best female friends, you may be sending off a signal to suitable suitors that you’re not really interested in hooking up with any member of the opposite sex.Your friends can often create a force field around you that wards off any potential hottie who might be interested in talking to you.

  • While it’s always fun to go out with all your girlfriends, it might deter those less-outgoing guys from approaching you. Finding yourself in a group of solely single friends sometimes makes you all adopt this “we’re all in this together” kind of mentality. If one of you is single, you’re all single, and you’re sticking together through this serious dating dry spell!

  • Being in a group of single friends can lead to countless “girls’ night out and a lot of complaining about how much boys totally suck. It’s easy to channel your inner feminist and join in on the boy bashing whenever you’re surrounded by a bunch of like-minded females, but in the long run, it’s doing nothing for your love life.

  • Our friends are our friends for a reason: we trust them to always tell us the truth and value their opinions on everything from our outfits to our taste in music. That’s why whenever we start talking to a new guy we always go to our girls for their sage wisdom and overall opinions of hiM but sometimes, we’re swayed by the opinions of our friends.



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