Let me save you a lot of time: Most guys just wants sex,they just play dangerous games by being nice and flirty, it’s their way of trying to bait girls into liking them enough to sleep with them. And when he does, he’ll throw into the ocean like I’m , sure he has done with other women
It’s very easy to trick someone into thinking you have a lot of things in common. “My favorite color is blue!” is met with “Oh yeah, mine too!” (Even though his favorite color is actually red). It’s easy to turn up the “nice factor” to get someone to see you as something you’re not

However, if you’re developing feelings for this guy, going through with a FWB deal is a tricky situation as the guy could not be having feelings for you and If you do in fact have feelings for him, it’s better to pull back and cut him off completely than wait around hoping for things to change.

Once you figure out which option you want to pursue, do it and do it with no regrets. Commit to a casual hookup or commit to ditching someone that honestly sounds like kind of a creeper. So while I’ve offered up bits of advice for certain situations, here’s my final ruling:

Ditch him. Casual sex isn’t worth dealing with a two-faced sleaze.


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