 Make meaningful friends. Have friends who you can always hang around with, Together you can always talk about school work, happenings in the school and also share your experiences and problems. This would make your stay in campus more fun and interesting
 Attend internship programs: Enroll for internships every time you go out for long holidays, It does not matter if your school gives internships before or after you complete your degree. Go out to organizations that deals with what your course entails and apply for one .you’ll be thanking yourself years later
 Read as many books as you can from the library: You will never find anything as resourceful as a college library, make use of it till you can. You will definitely learn much more and improve your intelligence.
 Work in the campus: Be it in the student counseling, volunteer programs, school clubs official or simply an assistant, work at your campus and get involved with people who are not your classmates. It improves your social life.
 Ask your professor to help you with your class work. He or she must be obviously an expert in the course career and keeping him close to you will improve your understanding and skills in your field.
 Take a trip outside your campus to see the surroundings: Many of us just don’t bother to explore the area around the campus. Bad idea! For example here in Moi we have various beautiful sceneries to visit; kesses dam, falls and several natural forests around the school. These trips help to relax your mind as it takes your mind off the normal campus surrounding.
 Protest about things that make you angry in campus; There is no more perfect time in your life than college to protest about issues that bother you. It makes you feel part of the college and gives you good memories to talk about in future. It has to be peaceful and by this I mean you do not have to destroy property because you may also not want to be suspended and waste a lot of time at home doing nothing.
 Support your college team on the enemy’s playground: shout the loudest and be the most loyal fan. Know your school’s sports team and keep abreast with them. It is very fun and will help feel a part of the school.
 Help your juniors: Never forget the positive impact you can have on the students who are new to the college.
 Attend a college party where you know no one: This may sound crazy, but just go for it; chances are very high that you would love to do this frequently


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