“When you want to hide something from an African, better put it down on a book” This is a phrase I was told by a lecturer, it hit me so hard but then after a serious thought about it, I totally agreed with him.

Most Africans find it so hard to read , they would rather read something in their curriculum that would enable them pass their examination and move on to the next stage of life. I consider this the main reason why people are rapidly deviating away from the old good reading habits.
The old reading habits involved a lot of reading to know more because that was one of the ways one could enrich themselves with knowledge, most of the information was in printed form.

But with the new technology, it has really affected reading habits; people nowadays want to get information easily without struggling so hard. A good example of this is when you ask someone to choose between watching a movie and reading a novel, most people would definitely go for the movie because with it, you get the whole story within a short period of time but reading say a novel would consume a lot of time and many would consider it boring and tiring.

In real sense, a novel would preferably be the best because by reading all the details about the story, one’s brain gets expounded and enriched and also one’s capacity of understanding written text is enhanced
One can improve their reading habit by trying hard and just read anything they come across during their free time, it must not necessarily interest you but at least one gets enriched with a lot of knowledge and slowly develops the reading habit.
However, there are those kinds of people who would hate reading because of the too much text which makes everything look boring and tiring; this kind of people can slowly adapt reading habit by starting to read text with more of illustration than text so to at least create a reading mood.
Another important aspect that can help in improving reading habit is attitude and time. One has to develop a positive attitude towards reading because someone cannot just wake up one day reading one book after another; clearly, this is lying to oneself.

Also, reading consumes time and so planning time is a basic necessity.
I would therefore hope one day for a society whereby people just read any written material not just for the show but so as to improve their creativity and be good critical thinkers because it is so obvious that reading helps in brain development.


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