• Campus students have worries about job careers. The future is so unpredictable for most, if not all of them.At least each of them had an idea of what they wanted to do after they complete their secondary education.
  • On the contrary, the unexpected happened for most of them. The first group of them lost hope when they did not pass their exams ,the other unlucky group is that of those who did not pass their exams and did not qualify to be sponsored by the government nor get support from their families.
  • Another unlucky slot is of those who did not qualify for their dream courses and were called to do courses they had no idea about what it entailed and due to lack of an option, most of them settled for those courses.
    In the first and second year, for most of the latter, no much emphasis is always put in classwork.Analysis of  the course and how it relates to one’s future is not often considered.
  • The bottom-line for most of them is the fact that they eventually joined that campus they had always been told about. In these years, most units are common and are done by students from various courses and schools. Other units in these courses are always introduction units and are not so detailed about the main course.
    It dawns on most students when they are in third year on what they are really doing in campus, this is the time that most of them start worrying about the future which at this time really seems closer to them than before.
  • Most courses at this time are so detailed about the course and this may not go well for most of them. For many of them, total lose for the future follows. Missing classes for most of them becomes a trend.
    There is this group of students who do certain courses because of their parent’s influence, this normally don’t last long for them as their lack of interest in the course is usually obvious throughout. Most of them rarely attend classes.
    The wise group. These are those who realize that the course they are talking courses won’t lead them to their careers and so they eventually decide to change their preferred courses. Others would just ignore and stick to their current ones, hoping to develop interest or just to fit in somewhere in the job industry. This explains why it’s very common for most employed people in the job industry to leave their jobs and venture into other fields few years after their employment.Clearly,its because of the interest lose in the careers they thought would suit them.


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