‘Comrade Power’ ‘Comrade Power’ what was built up the air as students waited to hear from the Vice Chancellor.

In the recent past, students in Moi University have been facing several problems which include electricity shortage, inadequate accommodation and insecurity; they have always been addressed through student leaders.

The University administration has never responded to any of these issues until recently when a some students discovered the body of a third year girl lying lifeless outside Mabiyo complex. She was allegedly raped before being murdered in cold blood. This stirred different reactions and tension in school which made the Vice Chancellor call for a ‘kamukunji’ meeting.

The Vice chancellor addressed the students and on insecurity, he promised that the security in school would be tightened and girls who lived in stage would be moved to the schools’ hostels. On the issue of electricity, he said that the university administration is working on it and on the issue of accommodation; he said that construction of new hostels is underway.

Clearly, students got more annoyed when he left since they immediately started shouting. ‘We Go’ ‘We Go’ was the unity comrade song that led them to stage as they continued shouting and throwing stones.

Comrade anger is built on very many unresolved issues, they have gotten used to them so much that counting on the Vice Chancellors ‘promises is not an option for them. The question is, what option do they have? Destroying property every time they have a problem or just ignore everything that happens around them?


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