• Marion has always been a smart kid since she first joined kindergarten, she always didn’t have to struggle so hard to pass her examinations, clearly,her future was defined positively.

  • Her dad always told her that she could make a good engineer and she found that right for herself. She scored 450 out of 500 in her KCPE and secured a good national school where she always topped in her class with very outstanding grades.

  • In high school she became a role model to many girls because of her discipline and warmheartedness, she was a school prefect and her leadership skills seemed natural. As everyone always expected, Marion got an A of 85 points in her KCSE and life for her seemed even more hopeful for her.

  • She was called for a bachelor of science in civil engineering in Moi University. That was what she always thought would suit her given that she was so smart, she therefore did not have to consider her options.

  • Accompanied by her parents, she was admitted to the university and within no time she had already adjusted to campus life. During her first year in campus, she found life easy, she was appointed the class representative and she could relate with her classmates easily, she never struggled so hard to read but always led in her class. Marion was always nice to everyone.

  • First year was over and Marion like other students went home for long holiday. After a four month holiday, Marion came back to school for her second year, this is the year that her life changed rapidly.

  • Marion no longer wanted to stay in the school’s hostel, she instead chose to rent a house in stage .she got a new set of girlfriends to hang out with since most of her old friends stayed In the hostels and were always busy with their classwork.

  • Her new friends were not engineering students and unlike her course, their courses did not require too much hard work and dedication but since Marion was brainy, she could easily cop with her classmates. Marion lost her duty as a class representative since she was constantly absent in class and lost interest in class issues.

  • Within no time, she indulged in drinking; both in the clubs and in house parties, she even changed her dress code and with all these changes, she became popular in school. Marion continued with her drinking habits and one could never miss her out in these major parties in school. Despite all this, she always did well in her cats and exams.

  • In third year, things got even worse, she started losing interest in her courses and always even stopped doing her take away assignments, and she indulged herself in hard drugs and started developing a bitter attitude towards other students, especially male students.

  • When it was time for exams, she never showed up and after being summoned by her lecturers, she said how she no longer wanted to do civil engineering and had opted to take a media course in school of arts.

  • After a long conflict between her parents and her, she succeeded and joined her new classmates in second year; no one really understood what was happening to her then. Her old friends even feared talking to her.

  • In her new course, she did not associate much with her new classmates and rarely attended class; she actually showed no interest in her course. She completed the course and left school; she has never taken her graduation certificate nor talked to any of her former friends. Her parents refused to talk about their daughter’s whereabouts and that left Marion’s mystery unveiled to many.


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