campus valentine

  • It comes once a year, showing your acquitances, especially the opposite gender the notion that they can harass you with incessant requests of buy me this or that or the other?
  • Many men will succumb to this willingly and they bow down and satisfy their requests all in the name of celebrating lover’s day. Valentine’s Day.Here in Moi the story was quite obvious, the school was painted in red.  Many, especially girls would not miss the color red in their outfit, some even went to the extent of having their hair dyed red.
  • Singles would easily be pointed out since most students had coupled up already. Business oriented students had an upper hand for ensuring the day was a success, they had secured themselves positions around the hostels selling bouquet of flowers, wines, teddy bears, love cards and many other lavish presents meant for lovers.
  • People bought them, especially men visiting their girl friends in the hostel. Later in the evening, couples were set for their evening dates. The date venues varied widely. Some chose to take their girlfriends to those lavish hotels in town, others chose to go to the club in stage, get drunk and have a good time with their girlfriends, others chose to simply go to the few classy hotels available here in school while others decided to simply have cooked simple meals with their loved ones in their rooms.
  • This whole idea is to make their lovers happy and fulfill the importance of Valentine’s Day instilled in our brains.
  • For others, the day acted as an opener of who the so called their lovers really are. Broken hearts, broken promises and crushed hopes were the bad omen that followed them during this day. Infections and pregnancies were the further reaching effects for all those who believed that this day was quite immune to these effects. For most girls, the question of whether you are the main chick or the side chick must have been clearly answered.
  • For now, I guess all those who got hurt this way must be fully prepared to celebrate the next valentine day carefully and with ease.

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